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Euro Styling, Cold Weather Function


 What’s the best insulation? Air! We at Fresh Sky Apparel know that down, taken from geese, remains one of the best ways to trap air and provide excellent insulation. The down insulation in our jackets and coats allows you to feel comfortable in cold weather. You can be confident that Fresh Sky Down Jackets provide superior cold weather performance.


Fresh Sky Apparel produces relevant designs that are influenced by trends and colors from the international market. Looking good in your outerwear is as important as keeping warm in it!  All of our garments are Euro-cut. 


We know what is important in making quality garments: features & construction. Our factories manufacture garments of superior quality, with safety stitched seams, reinforced pocketing, and features that make your garment look good, but also make it last. We use high quality nylons that are lightweight and durable. We use 90/10 down fill that is 640 rated for excellent insulation. Quality is our focus in every product we manufacture.


Compare Fresh Sky down jackets & coats to those be sold for more, sometimes a lot more. You can find others charging more than twice what you pay for a Fresh Sky down jacket or coat. One of our core objectives is to provide the best value for any product you purchase from Fresh Sky.


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